Join the solar revolution & earn as you go!

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Join the solar revolution & earn as you go!

Introducing our exclusive XT Network. XTN is a network of freelance AUTOPVTM contributors that develop layouts for Solar PV plants. And yes, we will pay you for each approved layout you generate.

7SecondSolar has put together a focused, three-day in-person course to train your fleshy brain to design, optimise, and generate AUTOPVTM layouts. Why would you do this? Once you have completed our super cool course (and passed the test!), aliens will eat your fattened-up brain and take over the world! No, seriously, we will outsource work to our network, allowing you to decide how many projects you take on and how much money you earn while clocking some super impressive CV points in the field of energy engineering.

Cool. So, how, what, when, where, how much, and who is this for?

HOW? Our top Solar PV engineers will host this training course as a 3-full day in-person course. It will consist of theory, case studies, assignments, and a competency assessment.

WHAT? The course will be quite comprehensive. – The basic theory of how Solar PV works – Intro in to the design of large Solar PV farms – Intro to AutoCAD and how to use it to develop layouts – Case studies – Assessment

We offer this for a cosmically low price of only R699/person!

This is a great opportunity for people (students) from engineering and science backgrounds to learn some real industry skills. While the course work, and the work that the XTN freelancers will do, is shaped around engineering tools and concepts, we, of course, welcome anyone who has a good mathematical and/or science/technical background, and who will be comfortable working with CAD software and develop spatial designs based on technical inputs. Participants must, however, be at least 18 years old.