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Produce accurate, constructable designs. In days, not months.

Get solar <br> empowered.

Design large-scale solar PV is more complex than mere copy-and-paste, but if you look carefully, there is a rhythm. PV plant designs are highly iterative, with critical design decisions required early in the design life cycle. Late equipment and design changes are often impossible, and large designs can take up to 6 months of engineering design effort.

AUTOPV™ is a cloud-based design solution that allows users to conceptualise and configure their projects and, with the assistance of our engineers, produce accurate, constructable designs – including late equipment changes – in days, not months.

Get solar <br> empowered.


With AUTOPV™’s advanced algorithms, detailed designs of large, complex Solar PV installations can be automated quickly. Automating complex engineering calculations allows users to generate highly accurate, detailed designs with minimal effort.


    Select site architecture.
    Key equipment selection.
    Determine modules per string.
    Select trackers.
    Optimise string grouping.
    Optimise junction box placement.
    Draw optimal cable routes.
    Determine cable lengths & losses.


Developed by Energy Engineers,AUTOPV™ facilitates rapid design iterations through numerous design, equipment, and architecture options.


    Central Inverter, String Inverter or String Inverter with AC Combiners.
    Any equipment selection from AUTOPV™’s existing catalogue, which includes modules, trackers, string inverters, DC & AC combiner boxes, cables, central inverters, and transformation stations.
    Basic site parameters include pitch, DC output, and block DC capacity.


Whether you are developer evaluating alternative projects, an engineering consultant developing a preliminary or detailed design for a client or a contractor wanting to establish accurate quantities as early as possible, AUTOPV™ provides comprehensive design documentation at unprecedented speed. Consistently delivering results larger than the sum of its solar parts, AUTOPV™ also provides estimated yield calculations for a designed site, which will be available in the 3D View and a Design Summary Report.


    Up to 85% accurate BoQ
    AC & DC Cablle schedules
    Junction Box Schedule
    Design Summary
    Ability to download reports individually from the in-app displays.
    3D View of the design facility

AUTOPV™ product features


Get that first answer on cost and layout out as soon as possible while still being able to consider basic alternatives.


    Comprehensive LVAC and DC Bill of Quantities, including Inverters, all LVAC and DC cabling, modules, trackers and pile structure.
    AUTOCAD DXF drawing indicating all components referenced in the Bill og Quantity.
    3x seperate configurations.


    Central Inverter, String Inverters or String Inverter with AC Combiners.
    Any equipment selection from AUTOPV™’s existing catalogue includes modules, trackers, string inverters and transformation stations.
    Basic site parameters include pitch, DC output, and block DC capacity.

AUTOPV™ packages


AUTOPV™ offers automated design with up to three design iterations or a detailed engineering-quality design drawing with full customization. The Scope package is ideal for early-stage yield and cost estimates, while the Design package allows for detailed, custom design iterations.


    Basic design configuration
    Basic string group sorting
    Design summary report
    85% accurate BoQ
    AutoCAD General Arrangement drawing
    Estimated Yield
    3 x design iterations

Everything in Scope, plus:

    Advanced design configuration
    AC Cable Schedule
    DC Cable Schedule
    Junction Box Schedule
    Trench Segment schedule
    GIS compatible CSV
    Advanced string group sorting and junction box placement